I’m Kiara, an integrative women's health practitioner. I help women heal themselves from the inside out using nutrition + breath. 

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I’m Kiara, founder of Kiara Marie Wellness. I work closely with women to teach and create sustainable lifestyle + nutrition habits to cultivate a body and life that supports healthy hormones so you can not only feel your absolute best, but also feel empowered to heal with all of the toys I have in my toybox... because we do get to play + have fun in the process of healing.

I went from being a victim to my health to being joining forces with my body. From hormonal imbalances, to gut issues and a wrecked metabolism - I can safely say I have been through it. I decided to take responsibility for my own wellbeing and dedicated the past 6 years to researching, education and learning about women’s health. Now I help women do the same!

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Period Restoration is my DIY mini course which gives you the exact method I use with clients to start having regular + healthy periods.

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Coming Home to You is my highly personalized 1:1 mentorship program that aims to create permanent and sustainable life changes that will heal your chronic digestive and hormone imbalances allowing you to regain your life and have a deeper understanding and connection to your health leaving you empowered.

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Optimizing Your Fertility & Menstrual Cycle 
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"I had no idea how much working with her would help me both mentally and emotionally!"

"I feel like I have all of the tools not only in regard to diet, but in regards to lifestyle too. Kiara's recommendations have been extremely helpful. I had no idea how much working with her would help me both mentally and emotionally! She is such a sweet, supportive, and intelligent woman. I truly could not have asked for a better guide in this process. If you're wanting to work with Kiara, do it now! She has given me more help than many medical doctors and naturopathic practitioners over the years. Working with Kiara has helped me gain confidence and control over my healing journey."

"I have experienced relief from symptoms I didn't think could go away"

"When I began working with Kiara, I was able to identify a lot of what I didn't know existed. I began following her protocol and saw my symptoms disappear. I have known her for 2 years now, and I have experienced relief from symptoms I didn't think could go away. I have a lot more natural energy, and I have lost more than 20 lbs and working with her jumpstarted my spirituality journey. Thank you Kiara for your guidance! This is one of the best thing I have ever done for myself. I could never thank her enough. Kiara is a life long friend now. Love you Kiara!"

"I feel like I have been provided with even more useful tools to move forward in my healing journey. "

"I feel like my health and mental health space are better than when I started the program. I have implemented so many things that have changed how I feel daily and the severity of my symptoms has lessened for sure. There are still things I am struggling with but I feel like this program really has set the tone for me continuing to work with Kiara on a monthly basis. I appreciate how Kiara is there to answer so many questions and if she doesn’t know she looks into it. I felt and continue to feel like I am in really good hands and that she will put the time into my individual needs rather than just provide a blanket protocol. I would tell anyone who is going to work with Kiara to be prepared to take into consideration more than just the physical, but that Kiara will challenge you to truly look at what is going on in your life that could be causing stress and also how you are responding to that stress. There will be so many things you have to relearn regarding food. It will be hard and maybe even frustrating to break those mindsets, especially when you start eating foods that have been deemed inflammatory such as more animal products and sugars as part of your healing. Kiara will always help to answer any questions you have. I look forward to working with Kiara on a monthly basis."

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